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The Maryland Drug Court Has Failed - 2377 Words

The Maryland drug court has failed yet another person and he is now headed to prison. This person is the love of my life and my three month old son s father. It all started last Christmas. The day after Christmas his missed a urine test and was sent to jail for three weeks after informing his parole officer he was out of town. They told him â€Å"You are better off failing a urine test than to miss a test.† even though he submitted a test the very next day. He was the sole provider at the time because I couldn t work due to my high risk pregnancy and we were behind on bills. We lost everything because we could not catch up on the bills. I had to move back home and he moved in with his mother. He has a past drug problem and was sober for about†¦show more content†¦He told his parole and probation office that he would miss that particular class. Today he sits in jail waiting to be sentenced for how long he is going to be locked up. He had five years over his head. I am not going to say the drug court system is 100 percent to blame, but once something happens it is a downward spiral for many people in this area and he is the latest victim of this failing drug court system. The Maryland drug court system has failed plenty of people since it was first introduced 1993, because of the goals and requirements are unrealistic and the offenders with an actual serious drug problem in the program are not getting the proper treatments they need to successfully stay clean once they graduate. In this essay elaborate on the practices that should be changed and if rehabilitation, detoxification and opioid treatments need to be available were to be implemented it would improve the program and keep people like my loved one on the right track and not headed to prison. In response to the war on drugs, law enforcement started to crack down on misdemeanor drug laws and increased the convictions for possession and soon after the minor drug violations started to flood the jails and prisons. So to resolve the repeat offenders coming back and serving lengthy sentences, the first drug court was established in Miami-Dade County in Florida in 1989. Many more states and counties followed suit including Maryland in 1993. There has been

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Case Study, Mia Phillipines - 962 Words

MIA, PHILIPPINES Case Study Agenda ï‚ § The Philippines ï‚ § MIA Denmark ï‚ § San Huagon ï‚ § Problems ï‚ § Discussion ï‚ § Solution  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 2 The Philippines History ï‚ § 1500: Spanish colony ï‚ § 1900: American colony ï‚ § 1942: Occupied by the Japanese ï‚ § 1945: Liberated by American and Filipino forces ï‚ § 1946: Attained independency and founded a democracy  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 3 The Philippines The Country ï‚ § 7100 islands ï‚ § 299.735 km ² ï‚ § Capital: Manila ï‚ § 92.337.852 inhabitants ï‚ § 45,2% living below US$2 a day (2006)  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 4 The Philippines Fishing Industry (2003) ï‚ § ï‚ § ï‚ § ï‚ § World production of fish is 146,27 million tons 3,36 million tons of fish produced in the†¦show more content†¦television, radios and electric fans)  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 14 Reasons for MIA to go to San Hagon ï‚ § Only a few buyers ever came over the dirt road to San Hagon to buy fish. ï‚ § They could not transport the fish to the next village to cell it, because there was no refrigerated vehicle. ï‚ § The only other alternative was to leave the village, migrate to larger cities and look for a job (only lowpaying, menial ones)  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 15 Reasons for MIA to go to San Hagon â€Å"Give a man a fish; you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime,† †¦had become a reality when MIA had chosen to help the village of San Hagon.  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 16 Project Start-Up Project Identification ï‚ § Reverting back to traditional fishing – Decrease amount of fish ï‚ § Building and equipment ï‚ § New diesel generator ï‚ § Impacts: Economic, Social and Environmental  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 17 Project Start-Up Value Chain  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 18 Project Start-Up ï‚ § Small refrigerated truck ï‚ § Free shelf space ï‚ § HUI malls agree to promote the fish products  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 19 Project Start-Up  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien 20 Project Start-Up ï‚ § San Hagon Fishing Cooperative (SHFC) ï‚ § Financial conflicts with chairman Buenaventura ï‚ § Petersen had started to adopt a more confrontational approach  © 2012/13 FH Technikum Wien

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Essay on Critical Thinking and Writing Free Essays

Critique on the Importance of Critical Thinking and Critical Writing in the Social Sciences Critical thinking is defined as the most objective way to interpret, analyze, explain or evaluate a specific topic or conflict. An easy way to explain critical thinking is as an intelligent way that judges use in court to sentence people as guilty or innocent. The way judges use critical thinking at court is by asking lawyers from both sides of the case to show him whatever factual evidence they have so that he or she can take the best decision on the case. We will write a custom essay sample on Essay on Critical Thinking and Writing or any similar topic only for you Order Now Basically the side who should win the case is the one that has sufficient evidences to prove to the judge whatever statement they are making. There is no way a lawyer should win a case only by expressing his or her opinions before the judge; that wouldn’t be an objective way to try to win the case. Critical thinking is the most rational way to react to any matter. By using critical thinking on a daily basis people from any environment are able to take better decisions than by using any non-critical thinking method. For example when someone is offered drugs for a first time; with the use of critical thinking that person can analyze whether to take it or not. The person can look at the advantages and disadvantages of taking the drug in order to make the best decision for him or her. A non-critical way of looking at it would be if the person tries the drug only because he or she is offered. Basically to not think critically means to not make the use of intelligence to analyze or evaluate any matter before making a decision. In writing about a topic or conflict the use of critical thinking is very important in order to get the best conclusion possible. The first thing the writer looks for are what the two sides of the conflict are. There is no way someone can write a good paper if there is no factual evidence to support both sides of the conflict in order to make a conclusion. A good paper is based on evidence rather than pure subjective claims or opinions. A writer who gives pure opinions on a paper does not make the use of critical thinking to write it because in order to do so he or she needs to analyze evidences to support his or her conclusion about it. How to cite Essay on Critical Thinking and Writing, Essay examples

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The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Essays (855 words) - Fiction

The Lottery By Shirley Jackson Analyzation encompasses the application of given criteria to a literary work to determine how efficiently that work employs the given criteria. In the analyzation of short stories, the reader uses a brief imaginative narrative unfolding a single incident and a chief character by means of a plot, the details so compresses and the whole treatment so organized, a single impression results. To expose that impression, the reader explores the workings of seven basic criteria. On particular criterion effectively supports the central idea on The Lottery by Shirley Jackson. The author teaches the central idea through the actions of the protagonist in the plot through what the protagonist does or does not do. The author teaches the lesson, the authors idea, and the universal in two ways. Authors idea expresses the authors beliefs or opinions on a particular subject; the author may use a universal truth. A universal truth presents an idea assumed true by the masses worldwide that teaches a lesson based on the interpretation of the universal truth. What the reader learns throughout the story or the lesson consists of two categories, general and specific. General lessons teach the overall lesson in the story; usually a universal truth that speaks of qualities like greed, revenge, love, fear, discrimination, and ignorance. Because primitive peoples meshed much more successfully with the world around them, they became far more sensitive to its needs and rhythms; they made certain that the lessons of passage were powerful and certain to have the desired effect. The rituals were intense, sometimes painful and terrifying. They were assuredly unforgettable. The Grims Brothers, Poor Richards Almanac, and Aesops Fables capture these ceremonies and lessons. The smaller lesson or specific lessons earned through the development of the plot and narrative reach the reader on an individual level from the actions or thoughts of any of the characters. These little lessons within the general lesson teach the reader the main lesson of the story. Despite the timelessness of fables, who remembers the lessons of the past? The Fox and the Grapes teaches us about envy, The Lion and the Mouses message of compassion. Who knows about Little Red Riding Hoods message, the passage from girl- to womanhood. We need to be able to point to someone elses story and say, Ah, yes, I know that feeling. I identify. These specific lessons speak of personal truths even though cloaked in symbols. In The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, the villagers follow tradition without even knowing why the tradition exists. This blind following of the past traditions leads the reader to discover a universal truth. Tradition is the guide of the ignorant. In paragraph thirty-two, lines seven and eight, Old Man Warner states, Theres always been a lottery he said petulantly. In this statement, the reader sees the most ignorant of all excuses for doing anything. This, however, seems normal for the community. In paragraph six, lines three through nine, the reader discovers That much of the ritual had been forgotten or discarded, Mr. Summers had been successful in having slips of paper substituted for the chips of wood that had been used for generations. While reading, the reader starts to understand the lottery tradition from which many rules and regulations disappeared for convenience reasons. This leads the reader to believe that the villagers do not truly understand the origins of the lottery. I n paragraph twenty-nine, lines one through three, Mrs. Jackson states The people had done the lottery so many times that they only half listed to the directions In this passage, the reader learns through the nonchalantness of the villagers actions that an important event does not gander much attention. In paragraph thirty-one lines one through fourteen Old Man Warner snorted. Pack of crazy fools, he said. Listening to the young folks, nothings good enough for them. Next thing you know, theyll be wanting to go back inside caves, nobody work anymore, live that way for a while. Used to be a say saying about Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon. First thing you know, wes all be eating chicken weed and acorns. In this passage, the reader finally understands that even though the world changed around the

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Gilded Age essays

Gilded Age essays Many people viewed businessmen of the nineteenth century as robber barons. They believed that these businessmen were so emerged into giant corporations and were so dedicated in striving for monopolistic power that their only pursuit was wealth and power in lieu of accomplishments. This entry counterbalances the idea of robber barons. John Chamberlain emphasizes the creative accomplishments of these business leaders. He explains the effects they had on the American public, while also realizing the shameful aspects of their actions. In the following essay, I will summarize Chamberlains views on Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and Carnegie, their achievements and their pursuit to deal with the American economy. The period after the Civil War resulted in a significant growth in the industrialization of the American economy. Many new faces started to emerge out into industrial enterprises. One of these new faces was Cornelius Vanderbilt. People believed that he was a man that used trickery to control properties that he wanted. When involved with something, Vanderbilt was a man who was determined to have physical and economical improvements for the company. He began his career from his love of steamboats, but as the steamboats era came to an end Vanderbilt became involved with railroads. With his profit made from steamboats and oversea affairs, he purchased shares of the Harlem Railroad. This would later help him gain stock control of Canada Southern, Lake Shore and the Michigan Central. These first steps lead him to much fame in the economical world. He relayed the Centrals tracks from New York to Chicago with new steel rails and stronger steel bridges. He produced a more efficient type of locomotive and the traveling time was drastically shortened. Vanderbilt helped link the east and west worlds of America together. Vanderbilt may have watered the Centrals stock. But as fast as he watered it ...

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How to Study the Night Before a Test

How to Study the Night Before a Test Theres no need to feel completely frightened if youve procrastinated until the night before a test to study. Although you wont be able to commit much to long-term memory in a one-night cram session, you can learn enough to pass the test using these techniques. How to Study the Night Before a Test Eat a nutritious meal and prepare a few healthy snacks so you wont need to get up laterSet up in a comfortable spot with your study materials (pencils, note cards, highlighters) and class materials (notes, quizzes, tests, handouts, study guides)Focus for 30 to 45 minutes, then break for 5Take notes and use mnemonic devices to improve recallAim for comprehension over memorizationExplain concepts and ideas to a third partyGet a good nights sleep Physical Needs The brain and the body are linked, so before you sit down to start a study session, its a good idea to take care of your body: go to the bathroom, get some water or tea, and be sure youre dressed in a way that wont distract you (nothing scratchy or stiff). Focus and calm are crucial to studying seriously; to get your body on the same page, try doing some deep breathing and yoga stretches to help you get your mind off any other concerns. Essentially, this prep is meant to get your body to help you, not distract you, so you have no excuses to break your study focus. Snacking during or before studying can be helpful, but choose wisely. The ideal meal is something without a lot of sugar or heavy carbs that can lead to an energy crash. Instead, grab some high-protein grilled chicken or scramble some eggs for dinner, drink green tea with acai, and follow it all with a few bites of dark chocolate. Its always easier to stay on task and process information when your brain has been given what it needs to function properly. The other upside is that by eating something before you begin studying, youll be less tempted to get hungry (and distracted) and quit studying early. To further head off any distracting snack attacks, be prepared ahead of time. When you go to your study area, bring a snack with you. This should be something high in nutrients and mess-free, like mixed nuts, dried fruit, or a protein bar. Avoid highly processed foods like chips, and beware of sneaky foods like granola bars that are full of hidden sugar that will leave you stranded in an hour or so. One Step at a Time Start by getting organized. Get all the materials that relate to the test youre taking- notes, handouts, quizzes, book, projects- and lay them out neatly in a way that makes sense to you. You might organize them by topic, in chronological order, or in some other way that works. Perhaps you like to use color-coded highlighters or stacks of notecards. The point is that theres no one way to organize: You have to find the best system that helps you make connections with the material. By the night before a test, you should already have a good baseline of knowledge on the test topics. That means your goal here is to review and refresh. If your teacher gave you a study guide, start with that, quizzing yourself as you go along. Refer to your other materials if you cant remember an item on the guide, and then write it down. Use mnemonic devices to help you remember bits of information that you wouldnt otherwise, but try to avoid just memorizing everything: its harder to recall straight facts than it is to have a network of connected ideas that you can rely on. If you dont have a study guide or if youve finished going over it, prioritize notes and handouts. Things like dates, names, and vocabulary words are likely to show up on tests, so study those first. After that, review the bigger-picture stuff: material that covers cause-and-effect relationships within the topic area and other ideas that could show up on an essay question. For these, memorization is less important than having a solid enough understanding to explain it back on a written answer. It can seem overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of material to review, so take it slowly. A good rule of thumb is to focus for 30- to 45-minute increments followed by 5-minute breaks. If you try to cram in all the information the night before the test, your brain will overload and youll have to work to regain your focus on studying. This is why its also useful to review for a few days before the test, not just the night before so you can spread out the material and review everything multiple times over of a few separate sessions. Buddy System If you really want to test your understanding of the material, try explaining it to someone who isnt in the class. Get a family member or friend and teach them as much as you can remember. This will let you see how well you understand the concepts and how well you can make connections (to prepare for short-answer or essay questions). If you have a partner or a family member to help you, have them quiz you on the material. As you go, make a list of anything you get stuck on or cant remember. Once youve been quizzed, take your list and study that material repeatedly until youve got it. Finally, write down all your mnemonic devices, important dates, and quick facts on one sheet of paper, so you can refer to it the morning before the big test. Final Preparations Nothing will make you do worse on a test than pulling an all-nighter. You may be tempted to stay up all night and cram in as much as is possible, but by all means, get some sleep the night before. When testing time comes, you wont be able to recall all the information you learned because your brain will be functioning in survival mode. On the morning of the test, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast for plenty of energy. Throughout the morning, run through your review sheet: while youre eating, at your locker, or on the way to class. When it comes time to put the review sheet away and sit down for the test, you can rest easy knowing that youve done everything possible to help your brain get through the test with flying colors.

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The importance of the marketing portfolio Essay

The importance of the marketing portfolio - Essay Example The importance of the marketing department's liaising with every other department could be gauged by its hold over the market and its need to keep its ears to the ground for every single bit of information that may make or mar the fortunes of the company's future business. The marketing portfolio therefore must represent every other activity in the company, apart from its own. It must have good hold over the total management information system so that the two-way communication system of information moving from top to bottom and from the bottom level to top level in the management hierarchy is clear, unambiguous and undiluted. The marketing operational activity is primarily customer-oriented. It is not possible to stereotype customers or the market. Although the predominance of marketing over other departments does exist, it cannot abdicate its own distinct identity and responsibility and it must stay focused on its role as the frontrunner to secure maximum business from the total market pie. No other department has such colossal and strategic responsibility. If the marketing management is unable to focus on maintaining and improving upon its market share, those responsible are quickly replaced. We, that is, two colleagues and I, have been selected by Crown Manufacturing Company Limited, (CMCL), manufacturers and marketers of white goods, viz. refrigerators, washing machines, and wardrobes. The total number of temporary recruits is hundred broken up in teams of twos and threes to concentrate of several routes. Our job is to assist the existing sales force for the company's sales scheme of their products during the summer holidays. Our weekly remuneration is US$250 plus two percent commission on the basic price of every five pieces sold. The company has come up with a discount and replacement scheme and is confident of generating a very good sale. The customer is being offered brand new models with benefits of up to fifty percent discount on the basic price of any product in exchange for an old one in working condition. The scheme is being advertised on a grand scale through the electronic and print media. Retailers have been enthused with decorative window displays to herald the scheme. The company has fixed a target which is five times the number of goods sold in an average month. The Existing Sales Force The company has a staff of fifty sales executives under five sales managers each responsible for one product except for water filter and television for which there is one sales manager. The sales scheme is aimed at refrigerators, washing machines and wardrobes only. The temporary recruits of hundred sales assistants have been assigned to different sales executives. Their job is to receive customers, effect sale, and complete the data entry which basically covers information such as the customer's name, age, address, designation, choice of product model, and date or year of purchase of the old model, if available. The company's showroom is large enough to accommodate staff of hundred personnel in the mezzanine floor. It can accommodate another hundred in the building's first floor. Both the mezzanine and the first floors have enough space to receive hundred customers each at a time. Besides, five sales executives have been given the responsibility of attending to online enquiries and also receive orders with payments online. Each